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Healthy eating also involves preparing food to preserve nutrients and prevent disease, as well as paying attention to food production. We ensure that for our customers. We use a variety of herbs and spices for additional flavor rather than relying on Ajinomoto and we also use healthy cooking methods such as steaming, broiling, grilling and roasting in addition to only frying. Best in class we Cook foods in as little water and for as short a period of time as possible to preserve all water soluble vitamins (Bs and C)

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"Marachekku Oil is used for Cooking, No resue of Oil". Marachekku oil helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol level. Assists in the flushing out of toxic material and also keep healthy skin.
"We use traditional silbatta or stone grinder". The reason for this is that the fresh ground spices have a distinct aroma and fragrance which make the food, even more, tastier and healthier.

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